Pro-7s 1200
Pro-7s 1200

Specifications – Pro-7s 1200


:•P ro-7 – tai greitas perdirbimas, trumpa blyksnio trukmė ir simetriškas galios paskirstymas dviems blykstėms.
•Trumpa blyksnio trukmė, 1/8000–1/2200 s
•6 lygiai po 1/6 padalą
•Savarankiškas automatinis kelių įtapmų parinkimas su visomis AC įtampomis tarp 90-260V bei 50-60Hz
•Simetriškas šviesos paskirstymas dviems blykstėms
•Ištvermingas, ergonomiškas dizainas
•Profoto specialios nelanksčios saugios jungtys
•Išskirtinė kondensatoriaus sukiojimo funkcija


Specifications – Pro-7s 1200

Energy 1200Ws
Energy Range 6 f-stops (37.5-1200Ws)
Energy Distribution Socket A 37.5-1200Ws
Socket B 37.5-1200Ws

Asymmetry Range N/A
Recycling Times 120V/60Hz 0.15-0.9s
Recycling Times 230V/50Hz 0.08-0.8s
Flash Durations t 0.5 1/8000-1/2200s
Modeling Lamps Total W/Pack (max.) 1000W
Modeling Lamp W/Head (max.) 500W
Modeling Light Modes Max, Prop, ½ Prop, Off
Energy Control Increments 1/6 f-stops
Energy/Voltage Stability +/- 0.7% (Voltage)
Guide Number @ 2 meters/ISO 100 with Magnum Reflector 90.3
Specified Data Conditions ProHead, 120 or 230V AC
Input Power Supply 100-127V/200-240V, 50/60Hz (nominal)

Synchronization and control
Sync Socket(s) 2
Lamp Head Socket(s) 2
Wire Sync Voltage Compliant to ISO 10330 standard
Wire Sync Connector ¼ inch phono plug
Photocell/IR-slave and Switch Yes
USB Interface N/A
Radio Sync N/A
Radio Remote N/A
Radio Range N/A
Computer Control N/A
Aux Functions N/A

Digital Display N/A
Fan Cooled Yes, temperature regulated
Automatic Multi-Voltage Yes, 90-130V/180-240V, 50-60Hz incl. model light
Ready Signals Yes, ready lamp and switchable beep sound
Auto Dumping N/A, “Capacitor rotation” to reduce thermal load
Recharge Speed Control Fast/XFast
Fuse Requirement for 2 units at max. speed setting Slow blow 10A/230V, 16A/120V
Automatic mains fuse type C, D, E 16A/230V 20A/120V
Dimensions 31x17x24cm; 12.2x6.75x9.75inch
Weight 8.5kg; 18.75lbs

Compatible Heads
Pro-B Head N/A
ProHead Yes
ProTwin Yes
ProRing Yes
ProRing2 Yes
AcuteB Head N/A
Acute/D4 Head N/A
Acute/D4 Twin N/A
Acute/D4 Ring N/A
Sticklight Yes
Spots Yes
Striplights Yes
Stilllights Yes